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It is rightly said that a hostel is a home away from home. For hostellers, their rooms become their small world. Necessary measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all the hostels. The hostel service is student friendly and gives them a feeling of being at home.
The College is providing hostel facilities to the students who join the college from different parts of the country and from overseas for pursuing their studies. There are separate hostels for boys and girls.
The college takes special care about maintenance of the hostels. Hence, necessary steps are taken to ensure that the facilities provided in the hostels are as much student-friendly as possible.

    1.  Spacious rooms with necessary furniture for taking rest/sleeping as well as studying are provided to the students.
    2.  Non air-conditioned rooms are available for both boys and girls.
    3.  24X7 Power back-up facility is available in every hostel and round-the-clock security arrangement is in place in all the hostels.
    4.  The students are required to maintain discipline at all times and are not allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the competent authority.


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APGI is the one of the few colleges to have a swimming pool facility. The swimming pool opens during the summer season. The swimming pool is properly maintained and coaching facilities are provided to newcomers.

APGI¬†swimming pool is an excellent place to learn swimming. Their trainers are also well experienced. Our pool is always perfect for the swimmer’s convenience. Our certified and knowledgeable coaches successfully trained numerous kids, men and women, to swim. Our coaching staff also behave friendly with their swimmers. Their priority is to satisfy the swimmer’s needs. The supportive and cooperative teachers can help you here to start your swimming journey and then support your every step of the way.

Fitness Center/Gymnasium

The College maintains its own fitness center/gymnasium. The fitness center possesses equipment for free weight exercises, bodyweight exercises, gym ball exercises/Swiss ball exercises, resistance band exercises, resistance machine exercises and stretching exercises. The Center also holds classes for kickboxing, yoga and aerobics. The fitness center is divided into two sections:

1. Weight Training section: This section comprises equipment such as weightlifting weights, exercise stations and Swiss balls amongst others.

2. Cardio section: Cardio exercise equipment such as cardio treadmills, elliptical trainer and cycles are placed in this section.

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